Taylor Mill Horror

The true story of a demonic haunting


Taylor Mill Horror



Taylor Mill Horror is a non fiction novel about the horrifying case of demonic infestation in a home in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. Written by one of the paranormal investigators who took on the case; Taylor Mill Horror is based on eyewitness encounters, interviews owner who spent six years in the home, and neighbors.





"We all love a scary story, especially when we can tell ourselves the events in question are fictional. But what about when the fictional crosses into real life? What happens when the tales being shared are living, inescapable nightmares for those experiencing them? In Taylor Mill, Kentucky sits a property rife with paranormal activity, and its oppressive energy is all too real. The family living in the home has undergone a bombardment of constant, unexplained activities. Screaming, disembodied voices, objects being thrown, and apparitions were only the tip of the iceberg for Sam, his wife Jody, and their daughter Charlie. Their mental health suffered, and the events stirred up unimaginable fear and trauma.

With the help of a priest and two paranormal investigators, Sam and his family began a battle with the unseen forces attempting to drive them from their home. They discovered the house was infested with a demonic presence. The events and dark energies were altering the emotions of the residents to the point they questioned their own sanity. When the team uncovers strange connections, Sam must ask what brought him to this home in the first place. Could a force beyond comprehension have been at work in drawing the family to that specific property? Discover the true events revealed through interviews and eyewitness accounts for the first time in the pages of Taylor Mill Horror. Written by the team who spent two weeks amidst the horrors and the man who lived it all firsthand, this is an account like no other. Taylor Mill Horror will immerse readers in a story they will never forget, made even more chilling for its status as non-fiction."

"Sam takes a factory job and moves his wife and daughter to a small rural town. For the first time in a long time, he feels like his life is going in the right direction. Then unsettling events take place in their new home. Phantom screams alarm the neighbors, all the smoke detectors in the house go off in the middle of the night, and certain rooms in the house are always frigid. What once seemed like their perfect dream home begins to turn on them. As Sam investigates, more unusual coincidences pop up, leading atheist, no nonsense Sam into a world of ghosts and demons, a world he is completely unprepared for.  Supported by paranormal investigation experts, he struggles to fight the evil forces that threaten to destroy him and his family. Fans of Insidious and The Conjuring will love this modernized gothic horror story."